Lit By Sparks

by Villareal

CAFFEINE SLUMP Cut the cord and we shall fly I never knew that horseshoes lie Auctioneer yours is the voice Left to you I have no choice So, let it go, let it go, let it go Strange idea's bring me to life How do I look with eagle-eyes? In my head it's Christmas Eve But trains don't stop at make believe So let it go... (Words and Music by Simon Parker 2010)
Lit by sparks, the first son returns Swimming with sharks, he'll cushion the blast As he drops the bomb on you Lit by sparks, your best plans will burn Smiling he'll say, 'do you remember that day when i dropped a bomb on you?' Chorus: Be aware of falling stars They will take all that you are...but it's not enough Your shadow just failed your heart's been derailed Your nervous systems' down The feeling is wrong, your savings have gone 'Cos Kid Cosmic's in town I tried to warn you...I tried to warn you (To be) Repeat Chorus And even if you wake up there's not a lot to say Now that he's gone Lit by sparks, the prodigal drop the bomb on you I tried to warn you
Do you wanna know How it feels below zero? Burning saints alive, I got trapped inside zero with Cindy 65 Chorus: I'm not following plans, this is my life I feel it all the way down my spine This is my life If I roll the dice and its double-five baby Drop the sentiment cos she's your government (baby that's Cindy 65) And I'm not following plans Cos this is my life I feel it all the way down my spine And i was happy when we delayed the tide On the day i lost my mind... Upon this throne My covers blown Driving over Saturday with plans to see your mother I'll be walking through a door as you come out another... Do you wanna know how it feels inside Cindy? I got swept aside and now I'm ostracized baby For burning saints alive But I'm not following plans... (Words and Music Simon Parker)
They told me, I folded like a leaf... You're Monday, I'm Tuesday and so I follow you around You're lazy, I'm crazy to pick you up when you fall down It's like I'm talking to myself It's far beyond a joke its somewhere else... Chorus: This way we won't ever be alone There's nothing to do so I listen to you just like the old days You're Monday, I'm Sunday and so I finish what you start They sold it, so I bought it and now I'm made up of spare parts It's like the world is made of ice-cream I can't believe there's nowhere else to be Repeat Chorus In my world, well it's largely second-hand I'm down on my luck and I don't have a plan just like the old days Repeat Chorus Where are the old days? Bring back the old ways (Words & Music by Simon Parker)
Take a deep breath Words may form but sell you short Hide your weakness So few signs, signs of life All this time all this time... Chorus Make a wish before it gets too late The voices in your head they won't relate today Now I'm broken Like your words got overheard Hit the panic button It makes no sound underground Six feet down underground Repeat Chorus And I would like to fill your hope with hope But the hangman wants to share his latest joke with me It's over its over once again It's over it's over when we're dead Take a deep breath Hide your weakness Repeat Chorus And I would like to fill your heart with joy But I guess I'm just a dark suit black tie boy (Words & Music Simon Parker)
Hey Youth, I know where you are Riding in a fast car pretending not to see the signs She takes chances in the traffic either way And she always says 'There's never gonna be this day again' Sometimes i think I'm with you Even though you're many miles away I'm always hoping that you'll be with me in my life CHORUS It's in your smile A thousand words that you'll never need to say No fake disguise is gonna fool the girl with x-ray eyes Do you remember when we met that night? Time stopped-you didn't wanna say goodbye You always said, you can see tomorrow in today You're always sure of what is round the corner either way Sometimes I hear you laughing even when the joke's not funny I Always hope that you'll be with me in my life Repeat Chorus I cannot hide anything from the girl with x-ray eyes... I'm always hoping that you'll be with me in my life Repeat Chorus (Words & Music Simon Parker)
Out of the black into the new Bruises will fade to purple and blue Screaming won't help I got trapped in this town And now I'm stuck in a frame of those years crashing down Never before and never again Always the last to hear what you say... Chorus Time goes by memories start to fade All I know we'll never feel/be this way again I mean what I do despite what I say The penny drops and then rolls away The closest I came to obtaining some truth Was just wasting my life in search of some proof I'm writing a songs to wave you goodbye Our timing was bad and so were my lies Repeat Chorus Time after time I made my mistakes I misunderstood so it's down to the lake Wave goodbye... Repeat Chorus And late at night sometimes i count the stars and then Life goes on we'll never be this way again (Words & Music Simon Parker)
If I wanna know what has just been said Gotta take control, use my mind instead Let your voice begin I've been living in another world (Words & Music Simon Parker)
There's no need to raise your voice I'm not standing far away (Far away) back in time i still remember When you had nothing much to say See, I'm not trying to impress you I'm just the same as everyone But am i starting to depress you, like a disconnected sun? Chorus You didn't fit here you didn't fit there All the holes for your pegs were square Now you can't deliver every time you're with her And everybody knows that your bird has flown There's no need for smoke and mirrors But is there something on your mind, your one track mind I've grown tired of all your heroes cos all they do is rob me blind And every day these stories you make up They're part of your world but part of your break-up But I wont fall again its getting hard to see all the wood for trees Repeat Chorus Now you can't deliver you're like a lazy river There's no need to raise your voice I'm not standing far away Maybe one day they'll discover That you had nothing much to say (Words & Music Simon Parker)
It's goodbye again it's time again The road is long and this river runs for miles again Don't cry again I'll meet you when the summer ends And it's goodbye again to my best friend Life goes on if the feelings strong We will smile again, walk a mile again I'll be yours when this when this world it falls apart We live for the moment Where two hearts breathe as one But lately I have noticed A dark spot on the sun Goodbye... It's goodbye again its time again The road is long and this river runs for miles ahead But don't cry again I'll meet you when the summer ends It's goodbye...
Dead air bring the static Sixty feet adrift My defense automatic And they wont see me and you wont see me but if they see me I'll just fade away Last chance on the stairway Half a word away Summer bee's filled with violence But they won't catch me and you won't catch me but if they catch me I'll just fade away Abandon ship this class is dismissed Abandon ship and make your last wish
(Instrumental track, written by Simon Parker)


'Lit By Sparks' is Villareal's third album. Originally released December 2010 it heralded a darker, louder sound, although the bands poppier side still rears its head at times. Stand out tracks (according to fans) are:
'The Old Days, 'Purple and Blue', 'Your Voice' and 'Dead Air/Abandon Ship'
Lead-off single 'Cindy 65' is available as a free download here on Bandcamp


released December 1, 2010

All songs written by Simon Parker and played by Gavan/Duncan/McDonough/Parker unless stated.
'Dead Air/Abandon Ship' written by Simon Parker and Jim Duncan


all rights reserved



Villareal Brighton, UK

Villareal are based in Brighton, UK. Together with sister band Lightning Dept they occasionally make albums for people to listen to and buy.
On 31/5/14, lead singer Simon Parker had his first book published. To celebrate, a FREE 19-Track album was launched.This serves as a listening companion to the biog. It includes fragments of songs from school days onwards...

Look out for new music soon...
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